Vecow is a leading provider of embedded systems and AI computing solutions, catering to Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and Vision AI applications. Vecow’s robust product lineup features the latest NVIDIA Jetson Orin platforms, renowned for its advanced AI capabilities and performance to power efficiency. With ruggedized design and flexible I/O expansions, Vecow AIoT control computer enhances machine vision, navigation, and real-time processing in industrial automation, ensuring optimal performance in diverse environments. Vecow EAC-6000/EAC-5000 series are designed for reliability and scalability, making them ideal for all intelligent edge AI applications.

Partnering with Leopard imaging, Vecow provides integrated solutions with high-performance computing systems with Leopard GMSL camera support, enabling faster time to market for AI at the edge.

Leopard Imaging Cameras used with Vecow

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AI Computing Systems

Vecow’s AI computing systems are designed to provide high-performance, reliable solutions for various AI and edge computing applications. These systems are equipped with advanced processors, including Intel and NVIDIA GPUs, to handle intensive AI tasks. They offer robust connectivity options, extensive I/O support, and industrial-grade durability, making them suitable for harsh environments. Vecow’s AI computing platforms are used in applications such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities, industrial automation, and healthcare, emphasizing efficient and powerful AI processing capabilities.

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EAC-6100 AI Computing System

EAC-5000 AI Computing System

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