Automation Imaging Solutions

Giving machines the vision they need to make intelligent decisions

Using NVIDIA Jetson platform for robust solutions

Leopard Imaging’s camera modules and hardware are supported by the NVIDIA Jetson platform and listed on NVIDIA Orin. This allows industries to use our advanced camera hardware like LI-XAVIER-BOX-GMSL2 in automation processes and industries. We also provide hardware and software development services for comprehensive design and production.

Ser/Des camera systems for peak performance in automation

Leopard Imaging employs SerDes (Serializer/Deserializer) cameras to carry high-speed video, bidirectional control data, and power over a single coaxial cable. The best part is that they can be used for longer distances. We provide IP67-certified cameras that are compatible with embedded platforms like the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ developer kit, and hence, can be used to carry out automation.

Building next generation of intelligent machines

Our solutions support up to 8 Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL2) camera inputs, with a small footprint that is suited for industrial use cases. The systems provide workstation performance of up to 32 tera operations per second (TOPS) of peak computation and 750 Gbps of high-speed input/output (I/O) for use cases including automation, delivery and logistics robots, factory systems, and huge industrial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Embedded vision systems for all automation needs

The need for embedded vision systems arises from the fact that many machines and systems require the ability to perceive and understand their environment in order to function effectively. For example, a robot may need to be able to perceive its surroundings in order to navigate and avoid obstacles automatically.

We understand automation in its true sense – machines carrying out tasks with accuracy without human intervention. We provide embedded vision systems for all use cases including ADAS and self-driving systems, robotics, IoT, machine vision, security and surveillance, etc that capture detail in high resolution and superior fps rate in order for machines to perform with impeccable accuracy.