Corporate Policies

At Leopard Imaging, we commit to ethical and responsible business practices seriously. Our Corporate Policies encompass a range of critical areas, including data protection, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), health and safety, our Code of Conduct, and our unwavering stance against modern slavery.

These policies reflect our dedication to safeguarding your interests and our mission to conduct business with integrity, accountability, and sustainability at the forefront. By exploring these policies, you gain insight into our core values and the framework that underpins our operations. We believe that transparency and adherence to these policies are key to building trust and ensuring our clients receive the highest standards of service and support.

Discover Our Corporate Policies:

  1. Supplier Purchasing Quality Requirements V2.0
  2. Data protection and data security Policy V1.0
  3. ESG Policy V1.0
  4. Health and Safety Policy V1.0
  5. Leopard Imaging Code of Conduct V1.0
  6. Modern Slavery Policy V1.0
  7. Leopard Imaging’s Information Security Policy Summary Card V1.0
  8. Leopard Imaging’s Responsible Minerals Sourcing Policy V1.0