MIPI Camera Modules

The most versatile and flexible MIPI cameras in the
market for industry-standard applications

Offering the best-in-class size-to-performance ratio

Leopard Imaging’s MIPI CSI-2 cameras have an excellent size-to-performance ratio. Our MIPI cameras are available in a wide variety of sensor and board compatibility configurations in order to be the best fit for your specific application. These camera modules can easily be embedded into many platforms for industry-standard imaging applications.

Partnering up with industry-leading sensor manufacturers

Leopard Imaging works directly with its sensor partners like SONY, Omnivision, etc. to bring you the best quality MIPI camera modules. These sensor manufacturers are veterans of the camera industry and their expertise is incorporated into our cameras.
Sony is a leading manufacturer of MIPI sensors, known for their high-quality imaging performance and advanced features. Some popular Sony MIPI cameras and sensors include the IMX586 and IMX686, which are used in many high-end smartphones.
Omnivision is another well-known manufacturer of MIPI sensors. The company offers a wide range of MIPI cameras and sensors, including the OV16880, which is a 16-megapixel image sensor with support for 4K video.

Tailor-made for compact, high-performance imaging systems

Our MIPI cameras are characterized by their high resolution, low power consumption, high shutter speed, and support for various camera modes and image processing functions. These features make them well-suited for use in mobile devices and other applications that require compact, high-performance imaging systems.
Leopard Imaging’s MIPI camera modules are ideally suited for any embedded vision application in the scientific, industrial, retail, agricultural, and medical environments.

Compatible with NVIDIA Jetson platform

The combination of Nvidia Jetson boards and our advanced MIPI cameras provides a powerful platform for AI and robotics applications that require high-performance imaging capabilities. The compatibility between Jetson boards and Leopard Imaging’s MIPI cameras and the availability of software tools and libraries makes it easy to integrate MIPI cameras into AI and robotics systems.


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