AI Edge Solutions

Leopard Imaging has been building AI system solutions based on various platforms including NVIDIA, Ambarella, Intel, Qualcomm, Horizon, SocioNext, Solectrix, Hailo, Black Sesame, NXP, OMINIVISION, etc. We have worked in a wide range of applications: robotics, IoT, drones, ADAS, and many more. With years of experience, Leopard Imaging has achieved powerful computer vision performances empowered by partner’s most advanced AI technologies.

Visual IoT applications have key imaging requirements for the supporting camera hardware such as high-definition image/video, excellent low-light performance, a robust HDR processing pipeline for challenging light conditions, and a global shutter to capture fast-moving objects without artifacts or motion blur.

Leopard Imaging provides IoT solutions supported by visual technology that satisfies all key imaging requirements according to the challenge at hand.