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An End-to-End 3D Depth Camera Solution

Revolutionizing different industries with 3D depth cameras

Leopard Imaging boasts a decade of rich experience designing, developing and manufacturing 3D depth cameras for different industries around the globe: robotics, IoT, drones, autonomous driving and many more. We are proud stereo camera providers for Intel RealSense, a partner for Microsoft Time-of-Flight (ToF) cameras. We work closely with eYs3D to customize 3D cameras for our customers.

SerDes (Serializer/Deserializer) cameras for peak performance

Leopard Imaging 3D cameras make use of dual RGB sensors for various resolutions of RGB and depth map output at USB, GMSL, GMSL2, and MIPI, making the products ideal for the development and production of 3D sensing. With Leopard Imaging 3D depth sensing technology, you can achieve great precision and color information.

Taking computer vision apps to the next level

Leopard Imaging’s services help customers with full integration of 3D camera systems into autonomous mobile robots, AIoT, AGV (automatic guided vehicles), and other computer vision related visual projects. If you plan on creating the next big computer vision app and need reliable 3D camera technology, then get in touch for bespoke 3D depth sensing camera design and manufacture.

Need a customized 3D depth sensing solution?

Leopard Imaging has always followed Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) procedures to deliver the most reliable cameras to its clients. Our camera solutions deliver the best image quality required to allow your application/hardware to do the best possible job of interpreting what it sees.

Leveraging the latest and greatest 3D imaging chip

Leopard Imaging produces one of the world’s most powerful and advanced 3D capturing IC for 3D depth sensing and stereo sensing applications. All Leopard Imaging 3D stereo cameras launched after 2020 leverage this sophisticated chipset in order to get the best quality 3D stereo images, while remaining extremely cost-effective and highly efficient.

Capturing the most out of a scene with a global shutter

The global shutter in our 3D stereo cameras allows the camera to capture the left and right views of the scene at the exact same moment in time. This is important because it ensures that the two views are perfectly aligned, which is necessary for the camera to accurately calculate depth information.
It reduces the risk of motion artifacts and distortion in the images. Because the entire image is captured at the same instant in time, there is no risk of objects appearing distorted or smeared due to the camera’s movement. This can be especially important in applications such as robotics, where the camera may be moving quickly and capturing images of fast-moving objects.

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