Automotive Imaging Solutions

Automation is the new way of doing things, and reliable automotive function demands state-of-the-art cameras.

Create vehicles which don’t compromise on safety
We manufacture smart DMS cameras, which monitor driver behavior. For new-generation cars, smart safety is a must. In fact, driver monitoring technology is taking the automotive industry by storm; and is now a legal requirement in Europe and the US for all new vehicles. Camera systems are the new way to stay safe while driving.

Get the best eyes for autonomous vehicles

For autonomous cars to drive reliably, they need crystal clear and wide vision. Our cameras provide a surround view system, and have industry-leading HDR image sensors built-in. Join leading autonomous car manufacturers and build automotives embedded with leopard imaging cameras. Fast and intelligent camera systems for smooth and safe driving.

With a wide visual field and high resolution lens

In automotive, excellent visual perception is key. When a car is self-driving, it’s important that it can see all-round, with good acuity, and also process all images at lightning speed.


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