THine Solutions

THine Solutions, Inc. (TSI), headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, is a subsidiary of THine Electronics, Inc., a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. TSI is responsible for worldwide sales and marketing of our THS Series Kit Solutions as well as for sales and marketing of THine IC products in the Americas, EMEA, and India territories.

Our products target embedded camera systems that require smart image processing and high-speed data transmission. Our combination of ICs, Solution reference designs, design tools, and design support provides a unique value to small, medium, and large customers.

We offer Image Signal Processor (ISP) ICs and reference designs to use these ICs in our THEIA-CAM™ camera solutions. Our THEIA-CAM™s support various Operating Systems including Windows®, macOS®, Android™, and Linux®, and various platforms including Raspberry Pi, Jetson, and i.MX 8M families. We also have Camera Development Tools to support customizing ISP firmware development.

Our SerDes ICs support various interfaces including our own proprietary V-by-One® HS high-speed transmission protocol that is the de facto standard driving television displays, LVDS (Open LDI), MIPI CSI-2, and Parallel (LVCMOS).

TSI supports fulfilment directly and through our distribution partners including Arrow Asia, Avnet, and Digi-Key.

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