Robotics/Aviation Imaging Solutions

Leopard imaging embedded camera systems are increasingly enabling Robotics/Aviation to expand into different industries and carry out a whole host of robotic applications.

Visual immersion demands many features from a camera, including a high resolution lens. Leopard Imaging’s close connection with lens vendors, means the integration of any lens into a Leopard Imaging camera is possible. Using photorealistic 3D photogrammetry scans Leopard Imaging’s AI tracking cameras make immersion into the Metaverse seamless.

With astonishing 3D sensing capabilities using ToF technology, robots embedded with Leopard Imaging’s stereoscopic cameras roam the earth with confidence. Whether for agriculture or cashierless carts, these cameras, equipped with powerful depth sensing technology, ensure that robots see the world as clearly as you do.

Taking agriculture to new depths

Automated fruit picking systems are now foraging agricultural lands, installed with Leopard Imaging cameras to detect ripe fruit. Reduce wastage, increase crop yield and diminish labor costs with robotic farming.

Choose The Specifications Of Your Camera

Enjoy OEM and ODM services at Leopard Imaging, giving you the flexibility of customizing your embedded camera system. With Leopard Imaging boasting the largest array of camera components built by globally renowned manufacturers, build a camera system perfect for its robotic application. Join global industry leaders, from those who build cashierless carts to specialists in agriculture, and create highly specialized robots embedded with Leopard Imaging cameras.

Drone cameras fit for combat

Leopard Imaging cameras are super-fast, fitted with state-of-the-art camera processors by global leaders: Intel and NVIDIA. Drone cameras also possess thermal imaging capabilities, as well as advanced obstacle detection technology, making our cameras a great fit for defense situations.

Leopard Imaging’s Intelligent Imaging Solutions In Robotics/Aviation

Giving robots the ability to function in the dark, Leopard Imaging embedded camera systems are low light sensitive. Moreover, experience in the development of high resolution 3D depth cameras has allowed Leopard Imaging to be involved in huge advancements of the field of Robotics/Aviation; like the development of the first emotionally-intelligent humanoid robot.