Leopard Imaging & DXOMARK Quality Testing Lab

Leopard Imaging is proud to unveil the launch of an official testing lab, where the fusion of DXOMARK’s industry-standard evaluation methodologies and our dedication to quality will result in comprehensive assessments for a range of camera solutions.

Located at our headquarters in Fremont, California the lab has a variety of devices used to meet the highest quality testing standards for camera and lens technology. To learn about services offered, check out our Services Available section!

DXOMARK is a French technology company and the international leader in the multimedia quality assessment of professional and consumer electronics products (such as automotive cameras, machine vision, smartphones, laptops, and more). As a private and independent company, DXOMARK’s mission is to help Original Equipment Manufacturers develop high-quality products for the benefit of the end user.

Based in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris, DXOMARK has carried out thousands of tests each year for over 20 years in the company’s 17 state-of-the-art laboratories, which have been developed in-house. More than 200 of these laboratories, which are 100% dedicated to measuring and optimizing the quality of professional and consumer electronics products, have been sold to tech companies around the world.

Here are some of those lab features:

MLS Room (Multispectral Lighting System)

The MLS Room uses the Multispectral Lighting System for precise image analysis with uniform illumination for test charts. Its 16 independently controlled LED channels offer customizable lighting, ensuring flicker-free light even at low levels. With lux levels ranging from 0.1 to 10k lux without moving the lighting system, the computer-controlled system guarantees automatic stabilization for consistent illumination conditions.

3D and Stereovision Bench

The 3D and Stereovision Bench utilizes a glass chart for optimal flatness, enabling the computation of a complete distortion model with intrinsic and extrinsic parameters from just two captures at different positions. Additionally, the system provides a depth error map, proving its versatility for applications requiring high performance, including medical use, as well as compatibility with stereovision cameras found in AR/VR headsets.

Dynamic Range Setup 

The Dynamic Range testing is addressed by explaining its occurrence and offers an optimal solution for testing low-light scenarios, exemplified by nighttime car lighting with an unlit sidewalk. Utilizing Nanlux light, the setup spans an impressive 170dB of real dynamic range, featuring a thoughtful design to minimize ghosting flare, automatic ROI detection with markers, and flicker-free LEDs for high-quality measurements across varying brightness levels.

Flare Bench

The Flare Bench is a measurement setup that can generate sun-like flare images in a lab setup. The compact, automated, and easy to move table-top setup incorporates a bright light source, close in apparent size and color temperature to the sun. Analyzer measures flare intensity and attenuation by processing RAW images taken on the device being tested.

LED Flicker Module

The LED Flicker Module addresses a critical challenge faced by camera manufacturers, particularly in the automotive industry, where flickering can have severe consequences. This module, employs the LED Universal Timer to automate and enhance efficiency in performing five simultaneous tests on camera sensitivity to LED flicker, accurately replicating real-use cases with varying frequencies, duty cycles, brightness, and phases.

Leopard Imaging Services Available

Tuning Support

  • Black Level Calibration
  • Lens Shading Calibration
  • White Balance Calibration
  • Color Correction Matrix Calibration
  • Noise Reduction
  • Sharpness Adjustment
  • High Dynmaic Range (HDR) Calibration
  • Tone Curve Adjustment


  • Color Reproduction
  • Dynamic Range Assessment
  • Frame Rate Consistency
  • Resolution Testing
  • Image Processing Speed
  • Low Light Performance

Quality Evaluation

  • Color Accuracy Testing
  • MTF Testing
  • White Balance Testing
  • HDR Testing (up to 170dB)
  • Flare Testing
  • Distortion Testing
  • SNR Testing
  • Stereovision Measurements

Customized Testing

  • LED Flicker Testing
  • Specialized Light Conditions
  • Specific Use-Case Simulations
  • Adaptive Optics
  • Field-of-View
  • And more!

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