Eagle Series Camera

Leopard Imaging’s Eagle Series Camera

Leopard Imaging is proud to announce the world’s first RGB-IR active stereo camera, the Eagle series, featuring patent-pending technology that enables both day and night vision capabilities. This groundbreaking camera represents the latest advancements in depth sensing technology, setting a new standard in the industry. The Eagle series is equipped with two automotive 5.1-megapixel global shutter RGB-IR image sensors and Maxim GMSL2 serializers. It includes up to two pairs of IR illuminators and dot pattern projectors, each with wide and narrow angles. This stereo camera outputs RAW RGB-IR data, ensuring high-quality image capture in various conditions.

The IR illuminators in the Eagle series emit light in the infrared spectrum, enhancing visibility in low-light or no-light environments. This allows for superior performance during nighttime operations or in dark areas. The IR dot pattern projectors work by projecting a grid of infrared dots onto the scene, which helps in creating detailed depth maps and improving the accuracy of depth sensing. This technology ensures precise measurement of distances and shapes, facilitating applications such as autonomous driving, robotics, and advanced surveillance systems. The combination of these IR components makes the Eagle series exceptionally versatile and capable in a wide range of lighting conditions.


Robotic Vision
Autonomous Driving
Driver Monitoring System
Occupant Monitoring System
Smart Agriculture

The advanced capabilities of the Eagle series make it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications. In robotic vision, the camera’s precise depth sensing and night vision enable robots to navigate and operate efficiently in diverse environments, from manufacturing floors to remote inspection sites. For autonomous driving, the Eagle’s accurate depth maps and enhanced visibility in low-light conditions ensure safer and more reliable navigation. The driver and occupant monitoring systems benefit from the camera’s ability to capture detailed images in various lighting conditions, enhancing safety and comfort by accurately tracking driver alertness and passenger movements. In smart agriculture, the Eagle’s high-resolution depth sensing facilitates precise monitoring of crops and livestock, optimizing resource use and improving yield management.

Sensor: 5.1MP Global Shutter RGB-IR Sensor
QTY of Sensor: 2
Optical Format: 1/2.5″
Resolution: 2560 (H) x 198 (V)
Recommended Working Distance: 0.5 ~ 8.0 m
Output Format: RAW RGB-IR, 12-bit / 10-bit / 8-bit
Baseline: 150 mm
Color / Mono: RGB-IR
Maximum Frame Rate: 60 fps @ full resolution
Shutter: Global Shutter
Serializer:Maxim GMSL2
Power Supply Range: 9 ~ 19 VDC
ISP: Not Included
IP Rating: IP6X
IR Illuminator: Included (QTY: 1-2)
IR Dot Projector: Included (QTY: 1-2)
IMU: Included
FAKRA Connector: FAKRA Z TYPE (QTY: 1-2)
Power Consumption: Approx 0.25W (IR dot projectors and IR illuminators all OFF) Approx 1.548W (IR dot projectors and IR illuminators all ON)
Operating Temp: -20 C ~ +50 C
Storage Temp: -40 C ~ +70 C
Weight: ~ 431 g
Part#: LI-VB1940-GM2A-119H

LI-EAGLE2 Camera Datasheet