With everyone buying into the Metaverse, it’s important to create headsets which create an immersive reality. Leopard Imaging is doing just that; manufacturing 3D stereoscopic cameras which make virtual reality seem anything but virtual.

Partnering with leading gaming processor manufacturers to create cameras with real-time processing of facial expressions and movements has leveraged Leopard Imaging to manufacture cameras for some of the most well known VR headset manufacturers.

Leopard Imaging has pioneered cameras for some of the first VR headsets created by metaverse industry leaders

Visual immersion demands many features from a camera, including a high resolution lens. Leopard Imaging’s close connection with lens vendors, means the integration of any lens into a Leopard Imaging camera is possible. Using photorealistic 3D photogrammetry scans Leopard Imaging’s AI tracking cameras make immersion into the Metaverse seamless.