Leopard Imaging’s Nova Orin Development Kit

Leopard Imaging’s Nova Orin Development Kit

For Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
Powered by NVIDIA
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Leveraging the power of NVIDIA, the Nova Orin Developer’s Kit revolutionizes the landscape of robotics development.

Fusing Leopard Imaging’s expertise in cutting-edge imaging solutions with NVIDIA’s AI and GPU accelerated computing, this kit offers a gateway to creating robotic applications with unparalleled abilities to perceive and engage with the world around them.

This kit was designed to empower developers with advanced capabilities to innovate and drive the evolution of Autonomous Mobile Robotic Systems.

Product Information

Harnessing the formidable capabilities of the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, the development kit has been seamlessly integrated with Leopard Imaging’s 3D Depth Stereo Hawk and high-speed Owl cameras, delivering unparalleled sensing prowess. Engineered to expedite development cycles and streamline market entry, it comes equipped with preloaded software offerings and the comprehensive suite of Isaac Perceptor tools.


This all-in-one solution empowers developers and OEMs to tackle complex challenges in large, dynamic environments with confidence and efficiency, thanks to its robust compute power, real-time performance, and precise sensor fusion capabilities. Whether it’s accelerating stereo visual odometry or achieving AI-based depth perception, our product ensures rapid and accurate decision-making, enabling unparalleled advancement in autonomous mobile robotics.

Next Level Robotics Development

Segway Robotics Nova Carter powered by NVIDIA, with cameras provided by Leopard Imaging
The Nova Orin Development kit is designed for the ease of evaluation of the NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor. The Isaac Perceptor is a collection of hardware accelerated packages built on Isaac ROS 3.0 to deliver 3D surround vision capabilities, significantly reducing barriers for its integration into mobile robots, thereby accelerating the transition from prototype to production. Its focus on 3D surround perception, powered by the advanced NVIDIA Isaac Nova Orin compute and sensor platform, greatly advances AMR development and deployment.
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