Leopard Imaging offers a wide variety of camera lenses. One of the most common problems among camera users is the accidental scratching or damaging of the camera lens. While the entire camera remains fully functional, the images are unusable. We provide our customers multiple types of lenses for simple and macro cameras with different focal lengths. We have lenses for all mounts, for example YC-172, YC-155N, LC001, etc. Check out our complete inventory.


Annoyed by a broken cable? Leopard Imaging has all the camera cables you can think of., We have Ethernet connector cables, camera cable connector, circular connectors, round amp connectors. If you’re looking for cables such as Micro Coax I-PEX Cable, FAW-1212-T1, I-PEX Cable, check out our cable inventory.

Adapter/Carrier Boards

It is common for big camera systems to go through a power adapter or circuit board failure due to numerous variable factors. Leopard Imaging is offering a wide range of camera power adapters such as 19V power adapters. With mini-HDMI being the most common point of failure on camera circuit boards, you are not alone. Check out our inventory for power adapters, and supporting carrier and circuit boards.


Antennas are among widely used accessories in imaging solutions and broadcast camera systems. Whether you’re looking for suitable antennas for aerial transmission or omnidirectional antennas, you can check out our complete inventory to find the one that suits your specifications.


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