1.1″ Sensor IMX304 Global Shutter GMSL2 Camera (Lens Not Included)


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Sony Diagonal 17.6 mm CMOS Image
Sensor IMX304LQR
Support Global shutter
Output RAW data
Support 9 – 19 VDC Power
MAX9295A/B Serializer
Lens: Lens NOT Included
Compatible lens
Active Pixels: 4112 (H) x 3008 (V)
Optical Format: 1.1″
Pixel size: 3.45 x 3.45 μm
FPGA: Included for signal conversion from LVDS to MIPI
Camera Part#: LI-IMX304-GMSL2
USB3.0 Kit Part#: LI-USB30-IMX304-GMSL2


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