Automotive Grade Camera
Design and Manufacture

How We Customize Automotive Grade
Cameras For Our Customers

Leopard Imaging strictly follows Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) procedures to deliver the most reliable cameras.
Our camera solutions deliver the best image quality required to allow the vehicle software to do the best possible job of interpreting what it sees.
  • Step 1Product Planning and Quality Program Definition
  • Step 2Product Design and Development
  • Step 3Process Design and Development
  • Step 4Validation of Product and Process
  • Step 5Product Launch, Assessment, and Improvement
Technical Support

Leopard Imaging’s technical support teams around the world provide fantastic support for hardware and software development.


Our various range of capabilities include manufacturing, design, and supply chain expertise—allowing our consumers to save time to market.

Active-Alignment Manufacturing

We manufacture our cameras through Active-Alignment processes—enabling us to maintain image quality consistency, control optical properties, and focus on the entire image range. In addition, this increases manufacturing yield and provides an adjustable focal distance.

Partnership Ecosystem

Our strategic partnerships with automotive-focused partners enable us to stay ahead of the trend, delivering cameras that leverage the latest technology.

Customizable Solution

Our modular design allows our consumers to pick from a range of lenses, serializers, image sensor processors (ISPs), and image sensors.

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Grade Cameras

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