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Leopard Imaging to Host 2024 IEEE P2020 Annual Meeting at its Headquarters in Fremont, California

22 Jan, 2024

FREMONT, Calif. — Jan 23rd, 2024 – Leopard Imaging Inc. (Leopard Imaging), a global leader in camera design and manufacturing, is proud to announce that it will be hosting the 2024 IEEE P2020 Annual Meeting at its headquarters in Fremont, California January 25th to 26th.

The IEEE P2020 is a standards development working group within the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standards Association (SA), specifically focused on addressing the unique challenges of imaging standards for automotive cameras.

Formed in 2016, the IEEE P2020 working group identified a significant gap in existing imaging standards for automotive applications. With the increasing integration of cameras into modern vehicles, often serving as crucial components for safety systems, a consistent approach to measuring image quality became imperative. Although various standards such as EMVA1288, ISO12233, ISO15739, ISO18844, and IEEE 1858 exist, they were found to be insufficient to address the distinct challenges posed by automotive imaging.

The IEEE P2020’s primary goal is to publish an international standard that defines a relevant set of methods and metrics for assessing automotive image quality. This standard aims to ensure consistency across the industry and create reference points for cross-industry collaboration.

Key milestones achieved by the IEEE P2020 working group include the publication of a whitepaper in 2018, providing an initial gap analysis of existing metrics and standards, leading to a draft made available in 2022. In this year’s annual meeting, participants will talk about the unique challenges of automotive imaging industries, such as scenarios that involve both human viewing and machine vision, uncontrolled environments, illumination challenges, and a wide temperature range (-40℃ – +85℃) etc.

Founded in 2008, Leopard Imaging has supported thousands of well-known companies in advanced imaging solutions with its experienced engineering teams, high quality manufacturing capabilities both “Made in U.S.A.” and offshore, and quality management certifications such as IATF16949 for automotive industry, and AS9100D for aerospace industry.

“Leopard Imaging is honored to host the 2024 IEEE P2020 Annual Meeting in our Fremont headquarters, bringing together experts, industry leaders, and innovators to address and advance the standards for automotive imaging,” says Leon Luo, co-founder and CTO of Leopard Imaging. “The collaboration within this working group is crucial to fostering innovation, ensuring safety, and promoting a consistent approach to measuring image quality in the ever-evolving automotive industry.”

For more information about Leopard Imaging and the IEEE P2020 Annual Meeting, please contact [email protected]