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Leopard Imaging announced the launch of Analog Devices’ New GMSL3 Technology in Embedded Vision

4 Oct, 2022

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leopard Imaging Inc. (Leopard Imaging), a global leader in intelligent embedded camera design and manufacturing, today announced that it has integrated Analog Devices’ new GMSL3 technology in its embedded vision solutions to support its global customers.

Leopard Imaging is one of the earliest camera providers integrating GMSL and GMSL2, and now GMSL3 into imaging solutions. Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link™ (GMSL) serializer and deserializers (SerDes) are high-speed communication ICs developed by Analog Devices that provide multi-stream support over a single cable.

Compared to GMSL2, with a speed of 6 Gbit/s and has been widely applied in the automotive industry, GMSL3 has 12 Gbit/s in forward channel and 187 Mbit/s in reverse channel. As the third generation of Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link, GMSL3 supports uncompressed 4K resolution at 90 fps, delivering smooth video streams.

As an Elite Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network, Leopard Imaging has developed embedded imaging solutions based on a wide variety of imaging sensors compatible with different AI platforms. This includes hardware and software development, image tuning, and one-stop shop customization services for developers and customers. With GMSL3 interface, Leopard Imaging cameras can operate at full MIPI CSI-2 / D-PHY v1.2 specifications, as well as integrate three 4k stream to transmit over one Power over Coax (PoC) cable, delivering real-time 3D imaging at a faster speed than GMSL2 interface.

“Leopard Imaging has worked with generations of Analog Devices GMSL interfaces. We are excited to integrate the latest GMSL3 into our camera solutions to provide a higher performance and faster speed for our customers.” said Bill Pu, President and Co-Founder of Leopard Imaging.

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Leopard Imaging is a global leader providing high definition embedded cameras and AI-based imaging solutions—focusing on core technologies that improve image processing in autonomous vehicles, drones, IoT, and robotics. An NVIDIA Elite Partner and a member of the AWS Partner Network, Leopard Imaging works closely with the most established sensor companies in producing advanced camera solutions for global customers. With original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM) services, Leopard Imaging provides camera solutions for Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Boston Dynamics, and many other established organizations.

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