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Leopard Imaging and DXOMark Launched Image Quality Lab at the Headquarter of Leopard Imaging in Fremont, California

18 Jan, 2024

Leopard Imaging is excited to announce our collaboration with DXOMARK, a renowned leader in camera quality evaluation. This strategic alliance is set to revolutionize the imaging industry by combining our expertise in advanced camera design with DXOMARK’s comprehensive imaging system testing. Our collaboration will enable us to offer full-scale services across diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, drone, IoT, and robotics. This includes specialized lab solutions and top-tier imaging system evaluations.

We are proud to host the new state-of-the-art DXOMARK laboratory at our facilities in Fremont, in the heart of California’s Bay Area. This lab represents a significant step forward in camera quality evaluation, providing our clients with value-added services and access to the latest DXOMARK testing technologies. These include cutting-edge capabilities for both display and camera systems, particularly beneficial to the automotive industry.

As a key player in intelligent embedded solutions, we understand the importance of quality and innovation. The new laboratory, equipped with DXOMARK’s Analyzer, aligns with the forthcoming IEEE/P2020 Standard. It features advanced testing metrics such as flare attenuation, flicker mitigation, 120dB noise evaluation, and an impressive 170 dB dynamic range. Our partnership with DXOMARK underscores our commitment to providing enhanced support to our local and global clients, driving forward the frontier of camera system quality and performance.