Advanced Perception for Robotics: How Leopard Imaging Hawk 3D Depth Stereo Camera Powered NVIDIA Jetson Applications

17 May, 2023

Leopard Imaging has collaborated with NVIDIA to launch Hawk 3D Depth stereo camera LI-AR0234CS-STEREO-GMSL2, supporting NVIDIA Jetson platform and NVIDIA Isaac Robotics platform, and taking camera solutions to the next level. In 2023, Leopard Imaging’s Hawk stereo cameras became a reference design for the NVIDIA Jetson platform.

About Leopard Imaging Hawk Stereo Cameras

The Leopard Imaging Hawk stereo cameras are built with two 2.3-megapixel On Semiconductor sensors and have a resolution of 3840*1200. They have a wide field of view of 120 degrees and can capture images at 30 frames per second. The cameras are synchronized to capture images simultaneously, making them ideal for stereo vision applications. The Hawk stereo cameras also have a global shutter feature that allows them to capture images without any distortion, making them suitable for robotics and drone applications.

How NVIDIA Jetson and Hawk 3D Depth Stereo Cameras Work Together

By combining NVIDIA Jetson and Leopard Imaging Hawk cameras, developers can create intelligent robots with advanced perception and computation capabilities. The Jetson board provides the processing power needed to run deep learning algorithms, while the 3D depth stereo cameras provide detailed and accurate perception of the surrounding environment.

Together, these technologies enable robots to navigate through complex environments, recognize and manipulate objects, and interact with humans more effectively. They can learn from their experiences and improve their performance over time, making them even more effective at their tasks.

By leveraging our full stack of NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing technologies and enabling ease of deployment of cost-effective 3D camera solutions, Leopard Imaging is accelerating time-to-market of vision-based edge AI and robotics applications for global customers.

Examples of NVIDIA Jetson and Hawk 3D Depth Stereo Cameras in Robotics

There are many examples of how NVIDIA Jetson and 3D depth stereo cameras are being used in robotics.

Autonomous robotics: NVIDIA Jetson is used in many self-driving robotics, such as autonomous tractors in fields, providing the processing power needed to run deep learning algorithms for object recognition and navigation. Hawk stereo cameras provide accurate perception of the environment, enabling the car to navigate through traffic safely.

Warehouse robots: Warehouse robots use Hawk cameras to identify and pick up objects, while NVIDIA Jetson provides the processing power needed for advanced object recognition and manipulation.

Drones: UAV applications use Hawk cameras for obstacle avoidance and navigation, while NVIDIA Jetson provides the processing power needed for advanced perception and flight control.


NVIDIA Jetson and Leopard Imaging Hawk 3D depth stereo cameras are two powerful technologies that have revolutionized the field of robotics. By combining them together, the Hawk stereo cameras can leverage the power of NVIDIA’s Jetson platform and deep learning capabilities, making them suitable for building intelligent edge devices