26mmx26mm USB 3.0 Camera module with 1.27MP HD RAW data real time streaming based on Sony IMX225 Color Sensor

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Camera Specification
USB 3.0 Camera Datasheet
USB 3.0 Camera Setup Guide

Sony IMX225 1.27M pixels CMOS Color
CS / M12 lens mount support (Default: M12 lens)
RAW data USB 3.0 real time streaming
USB 3.0 interface
Active pixel:1297H x 977V
Frame rate: 30fps
Optical format:1/3"
Pixel size:3.75x3.75um
Power: USB 3.0 +5VDC power source
Compact size:26mmx26mm
SDK Supported
Source Code in C#
OpenCV supported through Emgu
RAW to RGB Conversion
Save file as BMP & RAW format
Machine Vision
Medical Camera
Scientific Camera