IMX274 Camera Module with M12 Lens


Product Description
LI-IMX274-MIPI-M12 is a high-resolution digital camera board. It incorporates an Sony 1/2.5" CMOS digital image sensor with an active imaging pixel array of 3864H x2196V. The LI-IMX274-MIPI-M12 camera board produces extraordinarily clear, sharp digital pictures, and it is capable of capturing both continuous video and single frame which makes it the perfect choice for surveillance industry, machine vision, Automotive industry.

EVA Kits 
USB 3.0 Tester kit:Click here
Nvidia JETSON Camera Kit:Click here
Intel Apollo Lake Tester kit:Click here

1/2.5" 8.51M CMOS HD digital imager
I-PEX MicroCoax Interface for better EMI
Pixel size:1.62μm x 1.62μm
Detail Spec:Click here

Digital video camera development
High-resolution surveillance IP network camera
High-resolution video conference camera

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