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Sony Diagonal 10.36 mm (Type 1/1.55) 5.36MP CMOS Image Sensor IMX490
GeoSemi GW5400 ISP
Support HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Coax Serial Real Time Streaming
GMSL2 Serializer
Lens: FOV H 65°
GMSL2 Serial Coax Interface with PoC
IP rating: IP67
Resolution: 2880 (H) x 1860 (V) (based on ISP)
Optical Format: 1/1.55″
Pixel size: 3.0 x 3.0 µm
Power Supply Range: 9 ~ 19 VDC
Part#: LI-USB30-IMX490-GW5400-GMSL2-065H

Technical Inquires:

If you need to download the driver, please

Automotive ADAS
5MP video applications
ADAS + Viewing Fusion

Default Version:
The default lens is unglued, which helps our customers to adjust the focus and/or change the lens. Therefore, this will disable the waterproof feature.
Waterproof Version:
If you want to utilize the waterproof feature, please contact before you place an order. You may also specify this in your notes section during your checkout process.
Power over Cable: 9 ~ 19 VDC
Kits include: 1. Serial Camera: LI-IMX490-GW5400-GMSL2-xxxH
2. USB3.0 DeSer Tester: LI-GMSL2-FP-USB-BOX
3. 3-Meter Fakra Cable
4. 12 VDC Power supply
5. USB3.0 Cable

Camera Tool Source Code in C#
Capture & Display
ISP Rom Update

This camera has been tested on the below platforms:

Recommended With

  • LI-IMX490-GW5400-GMSL2-040H

  • LI-IMX490-GW5400-GMSL2-065H


  • LI-USB30-IMX490-GW5400-GMSL2-030H

  • LI-IMX490-GW5400-GMSL2-030H

  • LI-USB30-IMX490-GW5400-GMSL2-040H