Leopard Imaging Announces NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX based Edge AI Multi-Camera System

May 14, 2020 – Fremont, CA – Leopard Imaging, an NVIDIA® Preferred Partner, today launched a multi camera kit including the LI-XNX-BOX-xxx AI edge computing system that leverages the powerful capabilities of the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier™ NX module.By speeding up software validation and deployment, the new camera kit enables fast time to market for vision-based edge AI applications including smart retail, robotics, logistics, transportation, and manufacturing.

The LI-XNX-BOX-xxx is powered by the Jetson Xavier NX module, which can connect six cameras via MIPI or GMSL2. Using GMSL2 enables users to place the cameras up to 12 meters away from the LI-XNX-BOX-xxx. Leopard is offering the camera kit in three models:

● LI-XNX-BOX-MIPI: connects six MIPI cameras such as the LI-IMX412-MIPI
● LI-XNX-BOX-POE-MIPI: also connects six MIPI cameras with added POE support
● LI-XNX-BOX-GMSL2: connects six GMSL2 cameras such as the LI-IMX185-GMSL2

Leopard also provides LeopardLib, an AI library consisting of sample AI models that are CUDA accelerated as well as sample applications leveraging the NVIDIA Jetpack™ SDK and DeepStream software suite. The Jetson Xavier NX, with 384 CUDA® cores, 48 Tensor Cores, and cloud-native capability is the ideal platform to accelerate AI applications. Smaller than a credit card (70x45mm), the energy-efficient module delivers server-class performance — up to 21 TOPS at 15W, or 14 TOPS at 10W. This opens the door for embedded edge-computing devices that demand increased performance to support AI workloads but are constrained by size, weight, power budget, or cost.

As an NVIDIA Preferred Partner, Leopard provides a comprehensive camera product portfolio based on the Jetson platform, including 3D (Stereo/ToF), 360-degree cameras, and associated systems addressing various verticals including robotics, smart retail, logistics, transportation, and manufacturing.

Contact information:
Bill Pu, President
48820 Kato Rd, Ste. 100B, Fremont, CA 94538
Office: (408) 916 4890

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